Utilize your social content right.

connector lets you seamlessly integrate unified social content into your website, application or content management system. Just plug in any of your favorite social channels. It’s as easy as it sounds and yet so powerful.

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Use cases to make connector your best friend

Make Social Media
your personal CMS

If you’re an editor, who prefers composing content directly in social networks, connector brings this content back to your website. Seamless and elegant without ugly first-party widgets. You choose how it looks. And let’s be honest: It’s simply more fun to compose a Tweet, a Post or upload a YouTube video rather than struggling with a bulky CMS.


Give important topics
the stage they deserve

If you’re no web expert you can still profit from connector. We ship a beautifully designed profile page for every stream of content you create. A perfect way to give special events of your life or company a face. And you know what’s the best? You only have to click a couple of times to make this happen.

You are a developer?
You are God.

If you love source code as we do, direct access to connector’s stream API might be the best fit for you. This gives you total flexibility on where and how you use the contents of your streams. We cover every format flavor: JSON, JSONP, XML or RSS. And so you needn’t start from scratch, we offer prebuilt libraries for common platforms like Java, Python, Node.js or PHP.

Four core features
to get the most out of your existing content


connector merges content from any of your social platforms into homogenous streams. So, for instance, one stream can contain posts of Twitter, Facebook and Google+. All posts have the same data-format, no matter where they were composed. connector even detects duplicates if you’ve published the same content on many platforms and chooses the best fit on its own.


connector gives you full control over each stream’s contents. It has built-in, powerful and easy to use filtering. Select which kind of content is part of which stream. You may create streams with posts of certain hashtags or keywords. Or a gallery by including images only. Or a download section by filtering special kinds of attachments. Play with it!


Once you’ve configured your streams to fit your business or personal needs, you may access its contents through connector’s APIs, widget or profile page. This gives you nearly endless possibilities on how and where to use your existing social content.


With connector it is super-easy to integrate one or multiple streams into existing websites or applications. Use the widget, our production-ready CMS plugins or hit the API directly. It totally depends on your bias and skill set.

connector fits you in many ways

  • Configure streams online in your browser
  • Embed connector’s adaptive and beautifully designed stream widget
  • Each stream comes with its own profile page
  • No technical knowledge required
  • Install the connector plugin for your favorite Content Management System
  • Full control over the look-and-feel of your streams and its contents
  • Define a custom stylesheet with the stream widget
  • Access connector’s RESTful stream API
  • Choose your format: JSON, JSONP, XML or RSS
  • Prebuilt libraries for Java, Python, PHP, Node and counting

You can’t arrange yourself with one of the above categories? Don’t worry. You can either simply create your stream page hosted by connector.io (without having an own website altogether) or you can mix any of the integration options. Hell, we do …

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